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You are reading Coding Otter, stuffed with articles about big data, data science development, ML in production, managing data science projects, and many more. ​
About the host
I'm Doran Bae, Data Scientist @TVB turning data into products and stories. More about me.

About Doran Bae

I'm your host, Doran Bae, responsible for everything on this site. This is Coding Otter, where I have been writing about machine learning tutorial, project management, and big data in general since 2017.  


For my day job, I am a data scientist of TVB, a TV broadcasting company in Hong Kong, which owns its flagship platform, myTV SUPER, subscribed by 5 million people. 


I used to work for eBay, an e-commerce giant, as a data analyst. Overall, I have 10 years of professional experience, with 7 years in the data space, applying analytics techniques and big data tools. 


I like to conceptualize, develop, and deploy machine learning models in production to drive customer satisfaction. In recent years, I have been spending more time sharing my experience to theto  data community by giving presentations and providing tutorials and tips on how to lead data science projects



Presentations & Projects

Big Data & Machine Learning Leaders Summit Hong Kong 2018

2018 Dec. 6 - Dec. 7

@ InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Event details

Guest speaker, "Machine Learning in Production"​


Video2Vec model to Personalized Recommendation

2018 Nov. 27

@ IERG3320 Social Media and Human Information Interaction, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Guest lecturer, "Video2Vec model to Personalized Recommendation"